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Avoiding Heat Damage to Your Hair

Using heat properly can help your hair take the shape and style you desire. Unfortunately, if not done properly, blow-drying and using a flat iron and/or curling iron can damage your hair with high temperatures and repeated friction. This results in hair that quickly becomes rough, limp, dull, dry and brittle. It loses its shine, strength and vitality - everything that gives it that gorgeous, healthy look you love.[1] By heat styling your hair correctly and taking some additional steps to keep your hair healthy and protected, you can achieve the style you want with minimal damage to your hair. [2] We’ve compiled the best tips and tricks for protecting your hair from the heat without sacrificing style.

Thermal Protection Products Are a Must

Apply a thermal protection product prior to using heat tools to shield your hair from the damaging effects of heat styling and friction.

The higher and/or longer the heat that’s required, the more you need to consider using a cream heat protection product instead of a spray. The same goes for the density and thickness of hair. This is addressed below, under flat irons.

When it comes to thermal protection products, our faves include keratin, the protein that naturally makes up your hair, skin, and nails. Because keratin is the structural building block of your hair, keratin products and treatments can help strengthen your hair and make it look and feel healthier. Keratin-infused products revitalize the hair's natural protective layer, adds strength, restores elasticity and reduces breakage. Our choice for ultimate heat protection is GKhair ThermalStyleHer Cream. This heat-activated styling cream creates a smooth finish while conditioning and delivering moisture to the hair. This heat protectant for hair is the ideal product to use before and after styling with heat tools. It is fortified with JUVEXIN® keratin and made with natural silicones and natural seed oils to leave hair silky, beautiful and protected. 
What if you can dramatically reduce your blow-dry time and still get the hair-smoothing styling you desire? Less heat = less potential damage, right? Well, you can! That’s another reason we recommend keratin-infused products and regular (every 3-5 months) keratin treatments, because it they can shorten your blow-dry time by up to 60 percent. Therefore, after using your heat protectant product (per above), we also recommend using KERATHERAPY Keratin Infused Color Protect Perfect Blowout, a weightless styling spray that significantly reduces blow dry time and eliminates frizz. It seals the cuticle and creates an invisible barrier against humidity. It also provides better manageability, shine and smoothness. It’s important to shake well to activate the product before each use and to apply to clean, damp hair.

All Flat Irons Are Not Created Equally.

Flat irons or straighteners are the key to getting glossy, smooth hair. Hair straighteners are multi-purpose; they not only straighten your hair but also can be used to curl your hair. Choose a high-quality straightening or curling iron. The material your iron is made of can have a major effect on your hair. Inexpensive tools are often made with metals that fail to heat evenly. These irons can actually burn your hair. It’s important to get an iron that is the right size, and of a metal that is suitable for your type of hair.

Thin and fine hair can damage easily, especially by heat, so avoid straighteners that have just one heat setting. Choose a straightener with multiple heat settings to allow you to control the heat. Also, you don’t need much heat, because it’s relatively easy to straighten fine hair. With thick or coarse hair, use a straightener that has higher heat settings so you don’t have to keep ironing the same section over and over at a lower temperature.

We use only titanium professional flat irons and curling irons in our salon. Titanium is superior especially for hair that is coarse, thick or curly, because of how effectively it conducts heat. Titanium straighteners tend to get hotter than ceramic ones, but unlike cheaper metal plates, titanium conducts heat evenly for a consistent temperature. Because these plates heat up quickly and evenly maintain a high temperature, straightening thick hair becomes easier. You don’t have to go over and over the same section of hair, thus minimizing damage. Do you get keratin treatments? Then it’s very important to use only flat Irons with titanium plates, NOT ceramic, as ceramic plates can actually strip the keratin treatment. Titanium has the ability to retain high heat and will distribute heat evenly and it will retain the heat once you start straightening, resulting in that beautiful hair shine.[3]

Ceramic plates are good for fine or thin hair (unless you get keratin treatments, per above, and these irons can reduce static electricity. They hold heat for a long period of time. Tourmaline offers even heat distribution along the hair shaft and protects your hair from future damage but many tourmaline plates are coated with ceramic.

Healthy Hair Helps Beat the Heat

Keeping your hair healthy and protected makes it less likely to be damaged by heat. Check out Factors That Affect the Health of Your Hair, and this Step-by-Step Guide for Properly Washing Your Hair. And now that we’re heading into the cold season, here are 14 Tips for Protecting Against, and Repairing Winter Damage to Your Hair.


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[2] How to Protect Hair from Heat, wikiHow. March 29, 2019.


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