Monday, February 4, 2019

14 Tips for Protecting Against, and Repairing Winter Damage to Your Hair

Baby, it may be cold outside ... but inside, heat can leave your hair dry, brittle and lifeless.

When temperatures drop, static hair and flyaways, split ends, frizz, and dryness can become persistent problems. Outside, your hair is battling the strong winds and cold, dry air. Once you go indoors or in your car with the heater on full blast, your hair is exposed to a drastic change in temperature. Moisture is zapped from your hair, aggravating the drying effects of the winter elements and leaving you with frizzy, dehydrated hair. 

Here are Some Great Tips for Protecting Against, and Repairing Winter Damage to Your Hair:

  1. Make keratin your hair's new best friend - It can truly be transforming. If you have frizzy hair or your hair looks dull, dry and damaged, a GKhair keratin treatment will smooth your hair, add shine, and reduce your drying time. Keratin is the protein found naturally in hair strands, which gives hair its structure. Keratin makes hair less prone to breakage. This is because keratin bonds to the rough edges of individual hairs, covering the cuticle, straightening it, and promoting strength. Get regular keratin treatments (which last 3-5 months); also, keratin refresh treatments in between will replace the keratin and extend your original treatment at least one extra month. Also, all our GKhair take-home products contain Juvexin, an active keratin compound, delivered to the hair in its raw, natural state.

    2. Don't skip the conditioner. Ever. And don't rinse it completely from your hair. Squeaky clean is ok after shampooing, but not after conditioning.

    3. Add a color seal or color gloss after your color and highlighting services. Our GK Color Seal is a "mini-keratin treatment" PLUS it seals in your color, making it last longer. Glosses fill the hair, close the cuticle, and create a smooth surface that light bounces off of for immense shine. These treatments overlay the strands of hair, creating a moisturizing, protective shield that keeps color molecules in your hair, enhancing tones in dull, drab hair.

    4. Invest in a humidifier for your bedroom to keep the air from getting too dry while you sleep.

    5. Use bond-multiplying Olaplex in the salon to restore hair compromised by the elements, chemical treatments, heat styling, and other hair stressors. Or ask your stylist add it to any chemical service to protect against chemical damage. Invest in the take-home Olaplex #3 for continuous protection at home from ongoing damage.

    6. Avoid heat styling. If you must use blow dryers, curling irons, hot irons, or hot curlers, use a protectant like GKhair TheramalStyleHer cream to guard against breakage and other hair damage when heat styling, and GK Leave-In Spray or Creme for added conditioning moisture before you dry your hair.

    7. Deep condition once a week, preferably overnight. After shampooing, add GKhair Serum to GKhair moisturizing conditioner, massage well into the hair, squeeze out extra moisture but do not rinse. Wrap in a satin bonnet or silk scarf to protect both your hair and your pillowcase.

    8. Wear a hat - grab a toboggan or hooded jacket or tuck your hair into an oversized beret (they are very trendy!) to keep your hair protected from cold, dry air and harsh weather.

    9. Get regular haircuts - Trimming hair keeps it healthy and stops split ends from getting worse.

    10. Eat healthy fats - Omega-3 fatty acids keep hair shiny and helps it grow, and the body can't produce them alone. Add salmon, avocado, nuts, or sardines to your diet to make sure you're getting enough.

    11. Use products for moisture and shine during the winter - Leave-In Spray or creme before styling is a superior hair protectant and detangler; dry oil spray adds gorgeous shine to just-styled hair.

    12. Up your Vitamin C - It has antioxidant properties that help reduce free radical damage and protect against split ends and breakage to keep your hair healthy and voluminous. Citrus fruits and dark leafy greens are excellent sources of Vitamin C, so pick some up the next time you're at the grocery store.

    13. Stay hydrated - Dehydration directly impacts hair, and not drinking enough water can actually slow hair growth.

    14. Turn down the heat - keep showers warm to lukewarm, and keep them short. Hot water can dry out your hair. Always, no matter what season, rinse your hair with cool water.



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