Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hairstyles and Colors Trending for Fall and Winter 2016

What hairstyles and colors are trending for Fall and Winter 2016? We've done the research for you. What will YOU choose? Remember … great hair doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by appointment: 678-361-4247

Color me beautiful with rich hues of autumn

Ecaille, cinnamon, buttery, pumpkin spice, chocolate-mauve … these may sound like items on a French cafĂ© menu, but they are actually the hottest trending, yummiest colors for Fall and Winter 2016.

Also known as “tortoiseshell,” the ecaille features golden highlights that will make your mane appear shiny and sun-kissed, paired with darker, rich caramel tones. This color trend is a wonderful way to warm up your hair, as well as add shine and dimension to your hair. 

The hair color “chocolate-mauve” broke Twitter. When rose gold and rich brunette collide, the results are undeniably fabulous. Best achieved with color painting, it's a look that flatters every complexion because it mixes both cool and warm tones. While a bit complex for the stylist to achieve because it requires multiple color processing applications, it is low-maintenance. 

Pumpkin Spice is a trending color that can best be described as rich copper with hints of gold. For inspiration, use the #pumpkinspicehair hashtag to look for images of this gorgeous color, and keep your skin tone in mind when consulting your stylist.

Best Hairstyles for Fall and Winter 2016

This fourth quarter season is rich in texture, curls, and volume. And perms and body waves are back! 

What’s hot:

  • Texture and movement achieved through waves, curls, or texturizing cuts
  • Deep, precision side parts
  • Knots – messy or tidy, knots rule -- at the nape, middle of the head, or on top.

Bobs, lobs (long bobs), and all mid-length haircuts are still hot items for Fall and Winter 2016. It's also bangs season so you can layer and angle your hair up to your eyebrows. But don't worry, if you love long mermaid locks and voluminous curls, that's all still in style, too.

From pixies to long layers and '60s bangs
, here are the cuts for every length that are trending right now:

Bobs and Lobs:

  • One-length Bobs - Sleek, with barely a bend that hugs the chin are still in, but avoid round-brush blow-drying, as the style may look a bit dated. Add bangs for a sophisticated look.
  • Textured Blunt Bobs are wavy, one-length styles that are still very popular. A-Line/inverted bobs are still sported on celebs but mostly parted on the side with soft waves. No matter which bob or lob you choose, ask for a cut with movement.
  • Blind Bob - Somewhere between a longish pixie and shortish bob lies this cheekbone length cut. Tapering and shaving the neck gives it a polished look.  Or try the natural look where the cut is shattered at the jawline and then deconstructed by debulking the underneath so it doesn't appear layered, appearing loose and undone instead.
  • Crops - Single-length, shoulder-grazing strands become transcendent when the ends are point-cut for extra movement.

Layers come in all lengths and variations:

  • Short shag – A short shag with lightly feathered ends. Try it with a thick sweep of side bangs.

  • Mid-length or Long Shag Layers are blunt, choppy, and scattered throughout her entire head. Ask for a razored, sliced, free-handed haircut when wet, with the pieces around the face cut dry.
  • Front-Only Layers Blunt ends that fall just below the shoulders with graduated layers in front falling from side-swept long bangs.

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Let out a HOWL! The WOLF CUT is really trending!

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